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We are creating context, location and environment-aware human interfaces that provide rich content to any platform including broadband cell phones, PDAs and big screen interactions. The interfaces are driven by context and will automatically adapt as needed to any new situation.

Context Awareness

A user interface should automatically be able to adapt to the context of the present conversation without any kind of human intervention or directing. If the system needs to show something it should be able to figure out on its own how to create it and what kind of user interaction that should go with it. An example could be data best displayed as a 3D graph or points on a map depending on what the current conversation is about.

A user interface should be aware of it present location and movements so it can take this into account when interacting with the user. For example, a Doctor's information pad should automatically sense when it approaches a patent's bed to bring up all relevant information.

All information should be available anywhere anytime - regardless of the user's location. It should also be available no matter which communication device the user has. The information should, however, be presented very differently depending on the device.

CMLabs Technology

Psyclone Pro and the Psyclone Pro SDK with Services provides the architecture and integration for achieving this. The central system can be distributed across many physical computers and can handle thousands of simultaneous conversations with a multitude of different types of devices, ranging from PCs to handhelds and mobile phones. Automatic load balancing and conversation priority ensures that important interactions are handled well and the firewall proof networking of AIR makes distribution and connecting via public networks easy.

The Psyclone SDK provides us with the ability to create a modular central architecture using C++ and Java, and gradually adding functionalities to an already existing system. We can create modules which are distributed on any number of computers in our network, even those which in the daytime are used by our employees but at nighttime are idle. Modules are automatically maintained by Psyclone and they receive data and process this data based on designed priorities.

Psyclone SDK Pro Services allow us to define, create and add new interactive services. These can be graphical user interfaces, video streaming and even system administration interfaces. The login process is built into the Psyclone Services Protocol and will only allow users the kind of access they should have. They can log in from any platform since the Service Client runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, iPAQs, Java applications and applets and on newer mobile phones with Java. The user profile automatically reflects the users screen size, keyboard type, connection speed, multimedia properties and much more. This allows our systems to adapt the communication specifically to the user's environment, even when it changes mid-sentence when the user chooses to add a computer screen to the conversation by login in from here as well.

The Psyclone GUI architecture provides a framework for automatic and dynamic content creation. If part of our system decides that we need to output some data to the user, a message is sent with a decision to do so. Through advanced processing architecture resulting raw XML is produced that specifies in full detail the graph to be drawn to the main GUI canvas. It also includes information about how the user can interact with a graph, image, etc., allowing powerful functions such as zooming and rotating.

We are putting CMLabs technology at the heart of our new line of products because it saves us time and allows us to implement advanced functionalities that we believe will be key components of tomorrows information infrastructure.